The perfect place for entrepreneurs


Sit here and work

You can sit and work at our big table. Get to know other like-minded entrepreneurs from the community and start building your network.

Free coffee and wifi

When you’ve registered for StartupLabs, you will get a coffee card that gives you free and limitless coffee as long as you’re a member of StartupLabs. And of course, free wifi!


You can book office hours with mentors from Think Accelerate, SoPact, Nyföretagarcentrum and Venture Lab each week. Even guest appearances from other people in the innovation system will be invited to a coach session with you. Sign up now and get more information!

Pitchers Corner

Practice how to pitch your idea or product in front of people. Get feedback from the audience and iterate it every week. Best pitch wins!

Want to know what is going on?

Open Desk – Every Wednesday

Hey Startup!


Every Wednesday you’ll find at least one of us from StartupLabs hosting an open desk at THINK Open Space. Join us from 11am-3pm. We really hope to see you


To get up to date with what we are doing follow our Facebook page. There you will also get tips on other startup related events. Great right!?

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What is StartupLabs?

What is StartupLabs?

  • Meeting point for very early stage startups.
  • For people to join an accelerator after spending some time in the StartupLabs
  • Meet with other entrepreneurs and get to know the community 

Want to become a member of StartupLabs?

It’s totally free to become a member and it takes only a couple of minutes to register. When you’ve registered, head over to the Reception at Mindpark and you will receive your coffee card.

Thanks to our friends!

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