When does development, innovation and knowledge

sharing really happen?

 Could it be In the interactions between people?

When people with different areas of knowledge, 

cultures and backgrounds meet to exchange 

experiences and lay the foundation for new 



The aim is to make THINK Open Space also work as a

 node for cultural and creative businesses in 

Helsingborg. Promoting crossover collaborations and

 function as a guidepost for those developing their 

entrepreneurial side.


For the city of Helsingborg, crossover collaborations are

an important part of reaching the vision of Helsingborg

 in 2035.




….is basically all over THINK Open Space. If you want to exhibit your product in any way, contact Rebecka at and discuss the matter!

Our exhibitor right now is: C.Brüggmann

And the exhibition is called: “Jag har sett kärnan 2414 ggr..”



Visionsfonden for those with big and small ideas for developing Helsingborg in the direction of vision Helsingborg 2035.


Kulturbryggan is an alternative and complement to other public donors, whose task is to promote renewal and development in the cultural area.

Creative Force - SI.

Creative Force - SI provides support for cooperation between Swedish and international organizations. Projects should aim at strengthening transparency and democracy by specifically working with culture or media as a method of change

En snabb slant

En snabb slantaims at giving young applicants an opportunity to try their own cultural initiatives. The contribution can be sought in the order of 500-10,000 kronor for a project, an arrangement, an exhibition, a concert or anything else that has to do with culture.

Citysamverkan with a vision to make people choose to visit the town more often, stay longer and experience something worth telling they are always looking for new collaborations in order to achieve their goal


Pixlapiren is a new and unique meeting place with new activities and experiences. The city lends a large area on the Oslopiren to give you and other citizens the opportunity to test small and big ideas.

The creative plot

The creative plotis for those who love culture / art and want to live on their creations. They are an initiative, a platform, an idea factory that exists to support your cultural ideas.

Bredgatan 11   252 25 Helsingborg


+46 (0)42 10 46 00