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    At THINK Open Space it is possible to organize different types of events, from small exhibitions to open creative fairs and after works. It's a place where you can test your idea about the events of your dreams.

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    The OPENING of THINK Open Space

    During September of 2016 we had the greatest party Helsingborg had ever seen; The Opening party of THINK Open Space. We had over 400 visitors, the coolaste Dj ever, a lot of snacks, great lectures, a magical sandbox and a Virtual Reality experience.

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    Magasin 405

    Oh yes, it's true. We are the gate keepers for Magasin 405. You play by the same rules there as at our venue at Bredgatan 11. Do you have a crazy idea? Is it open for everyone? Do you want to do it Helsingborg? Then let's do it, and do it big, at Magasin 405.

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We produce a lot of events. Happenings that focus around tech, culture, art, entrepreneurship and everything in the areas in-between those subjects. Do you have a dream event you would like to come true? Just contact us!

THINK Open Space is a test area. We love when other then our selfs produces events. If you need coaching or a venue, maybe both, we can defiantly help you. If you are planing an event that is open for everyone we can make sure that the venue is for free.

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