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CoderDojo Helsingborg is a movement that is aimed to teach children and youth how to program. It is free to come to CoderDojo and it’s open to all between 7 and 17 years. You can learn how to program, make apps, games and websites.

You do not need to how to program before you come.The mentors are programmers who do CoderDojo at their leisure, without being paid. They mostly work as a programmers. Which also means that they are not trained teachers, but they do their best!

It is not a company or organization behind CoderDojo Helsingborg, the mentors come from many different places.

We are located at THINK Open Space, Bredgatan 11 in Helsingborg and we meet every second Wednesday between 17:00 – 19:00.

Wilhelm Michaelsen

Mentor / CoderDojo Helsingborg

To meet and to talk programming with super interested kids (and parents) are not only fun but also very educational. During my two years as a mentor, I discovered how much I have to learn to teach programming!

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